About us

Company philosophy

SîCE will always act, in the exercise of their profession as a Consulting Engineer, in the legitimate interest of their client. SîCE will discharge its duty with complete confidentiality and conduct itself in such a manner as faithfully, to serve the best interests of the client and the society and to uphold the standing of the profession. For that reason, SîCE is able to approach all assignments objectively, with the use of sound technical and economic principles.

Core values:

  1. Solution-oriented working method
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Fast & Flexible
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Our Mission

Smart & Innovative Consulting Engineer N.V. is an independent engineering firm with enthusiastic, knowledgeable employees (staff) in a transparent and professional organization which strives for optimal satisfaction of our customers according to the ethical standards, which belong to the profession of consulting engineer.

Our Vision

Smart & Innovative Consulting Engineer N.V. has been active as a consulting engineer since its founding in 2016, always at the highest level of installation technology and strives, according to modern technology, to fully comply with the interests of the client when carrying out electrical and mechanical installation work and to take account of this, keeping up with the demands of a healthy environment.


Smart & Innovative Consulting Engineer N.V. was founded in 2016 and has since then been operating as an independent consulting engineering firm.

The founder & partner are:
• Sharvin Anandbahadoer BSc, MBA (Chief Executive Officer)
• In collaboration with Consulting Partners N.V. (Ing. O.A. dos Ramos)





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Professional Membership

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

This means that the client is guaranteed of a good quality because SICE is continuously improving its outputs.

SCOPE of the ISO certificate
Consulting Engineering Firm in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Installations

Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering


SICE has as a well-motivated, enthusiastic and professional staff, which understands the interests of the customer. When needed, SICE can also contract freelance engineers in different disciplines.

Organizational chart:

Sharvin Anandbahadoer


Project Administrator

Project Engineer

Quantity Surveyor

Jr. Project Engineer


Jr. project engineer